Tracks & Dates

Event dates

We exclusively hire the circuit for our experience days with marshals and medics on site. Event dates are limited to the days we can hire the circuits.

Zwartkops Raceway

Zwartkops Raceway is located to the South West of Pretoria. The circuit is an undulating road circuit with a length of 2.4km in a clock-wise direction. It has 8 corners of which three are fast and challenging and one corner is a 180 degree hairpin. Zwartkops is a technical circuit with three of the corners having compound radii.

Our 2022 dates at Zwartkops Raceway:

Confirmed dates for 2022:

25/26 June (Lambo & Ferrari fully booked)

2/3 July (Availability in all cars)

8/9 July (Availability in all cars)

Killarney Raceway

Killarney Raceway is located to the north of Cape Town. The circuit consists of 7 corners over 3.2km. With long straights and a variety of corner angles and lengths Killarney Raceway is challenging for both car and driver.

We are busy trying to arrange dates for our next visit to Cape Town. Dates will be announced as soon as possible.