Atom vs Atom race experience
  • Atom vs Atom race experience

    • 2 passenger laps for 2 people
    • Race experiences with our 2 Ariel Atoms and 2 racing drivers at the wheel


    The Ariel Atom is considered to be one of the most amazing, race-bred cars ever to be produced. With ground-breaking vital statistics and stunning looks, can you take on this head-to head race experience challenge against a friend?


    Once harnessed into the car and with your racing helmet on, you’ll glance across at your racing partner. Then it’s 3,2,1 and go! Shooting out of the pit lane to accelerate down the first straight, the noise of the massive air intake beside your head is phenomenal as the supercharger sucks in enough air to produce over 300bhp, 0- 100km/h in only 2.8 seconds (yes that is correct!).


    Into the first corner, you wonder which of the two of you will come out ahead – with last-minute braking and swift moves, you find yourself egging your highly skilled racing driver on through a series of over and undertakes, fast corners and high speed sprints down each straight. After two breath-taking laps one of you will slip into the pit lane first…. who’s it going to be?


    This simulated race experience as a passenger in these incredible cars with unbelievable weight to power ratios will leave you and your partner grinning from ear to ear from the sheer exhilaration of it. Go on, give it a try!

    • Extra info

      • Duration: 
        Allow 45min. Actual ride is 2 laps of either circuit.
      • Participants: 
        This voucher entitles two participants to the experience.
      • Weather: 
        This experience is suitable for most weather conditions. Rain gear provided in the event of damp weather.
      • Restrictions: 
        Participants must be a minimum height of 1.2m - must be able to see over dashboard and hold a helmet on head.
      • Spectators: 
        Spectators are welcome and can attend free of charge.
      • Validity: 
        This voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase.
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