Ariel Atom driving experience
  • Ariel Atom driving experience

    • 3 laps driving
    • 2 laps passenger


    You can now enjoy an exhilarating drive in an Ariel Atom. Previously only available as a passenger ride, we’ve now opened limited spots to members of the public to get behind the wheel for themselves and feel the awesome acceleration abilities of these nippy vehicles. This driving package is guaranteed to thrill. It’s rare that something comes along which changes the way people think, and that soon becomes an icon. The Ariel Atom is just such a product. No doors, no roof, no compromise. It’s unique and original and nothing else comes close to it. Its performance surpasses practically any vehicle with an acceleration speed of 0-100 in under 3 seconds, it’s face re-arrangingly nippy!


    After climbing into the car with an instructor, you’ll be strapped into a full harness and helmet with intercom communication for a full race experience. As the supercharger spins up and begins to scream, so will your senses as you experience first-hand the insane acceleration of these vehicles. With no traction control or ABS, this is a driver’s car and it will push your skill to the max!


    Complete your experience by swopping seats with your instructor for a feel of what this car can do over two high speed passenger hot laps at the hands of a professional. We reckon this might just be the highlight of your driving experience!

    • Extra info

      • Duration: 
        Allow an hour, actual drive is 3 laps plus 2 hotlaps
      • Participants: 
        This voucher entitles one participant to this experience.
      • Weather: 
        Not suitable for extremely wet conditions
      • Restrictions: 
        Minimum age 21 years with a valid driver's license. Event dates limited to when the circuits are available. Optional R500 Collision Damage Waiver may be purchased for drivers under 21 years old.
      • Spectators: 
        you are welcome to bring as mamy spectators as you would like.
      • Validity: 
        This voucher is valid for one year from the date of purchase and can be use on any of our events. Event dates are limited so make sure to book as early as possible.
    R3 999,00Price
    VAT Included |